Reliable Hosting, Easy to use.

Why we stand out!

Only IamRoot can provide the professional hosting - and at an unbeatable price! Stable, Industry grade hardware, a super-fast 550 Gbit/s backbone, free of charge, all-inclusive support, the greatest possible contract flexibility and services such as hosting in state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly data centers.

Powerful Hardware

We only use the most powerful quality tested hardware available in the market. All of our products are optimised to guarantee you maximal reliability and excellent value for money. We will cover every power requirement your project needs, literally!

Friendly Support

We hate robots, that's why we have actual humans in place to help you out in time of need, anytime. We are determined to provide the professional level hosting services to our customers. Keeping your business up round the clock is our promise. We are here to help you. Our in-house technical team consists of engineers who share the same passion as us for the internet community.

Tier-1 Network.

To guarantee high speed, high quality bandwidth and low latency time, IamRoot connects with all the major Tier-1 providers to provide you with best in class experience. Our backbone offers direct connections to the most important providers and largest European exchanges - such as the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, AMS-IX in Amsterdam. The entire backbone is designed for multiple ring topology redundancy. Thus we can guarantee high-availability of all servers and an average monthly network availability of at least 99.9%.

Our Products.
SSD Cloud Server
Upto 64GB RAM
Upto 12 vCores
Upto 900 GB SSD
500 Mbps In/Out
Upto 32 IPv4 Addresses
Europe and US locations
DDOS Protection
Baremetal Server
Upto 64GB RAM
Upto 12 Cores
Upto 2000 GB SSD Disk
1 Gbps In/Out
Upto 32 IPv4 Addresses
Europe and US locations
DDOS Protection
Coming Soon!
All Plans Include.

Reliable Hosting
Stable performance and right support. You get it all.

Additional disk or different panel?
Do it anytime.

We have a team of in-house Web Solutions Experts to assist you 24/7.

30% better performance at
0% extra price.

Scale-UP OR Scale-DOWN at any point
without any hassles

Data Protection
Remote FTP backup can be configured with all the plans.